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Fresh Meat Package




NO experience is necessary to become an amazing roller derby player. If you have the dedication (or as many of us experience, the addiction), we will provide the training. One of the great things about roller derby is there is no one-size-fits-all player. No matter your size or physical shape, there is a position just right for you! As a newcomer, you will hear the terms ‘Newbie’, ‘Freshie’ or ‘Fresh Meat’ quite a lot.  These terms are not meant to be insulting in any way. That’s just what we call new players and are terms of endearment because we LOVE our Fresh Meat. We all stood where you are standing now.



Time Commitment

Roller derby requires a big commitment. It’s not just a hobby. You are choosing to be part of a team, and as such your teammates depend on you. We hold two practices a week, Mondays and Thursdays. After you have completed your required probationary period, you will be required to attend at least one a week. There are also mandatory league meetings and local volunteer events. Everyone, regardless of skater skill level, is expected to help at bouts and other local events and fundraisers. Remember, we are a skater owned and operated business. As such we do everything ourselves (with the help of a few invaluable volunteers) and require the help of all hands on deck. As you grow with the team, you will be

asked to be on a committee which means committee meetings and expectations. And don’t forget any outside practice time you spend to better yourself as a player.  We know it all sounds like a lot, but we don’t mean to discourage you. Everyone on the team has a life

outside of derby, and sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control. We are willing to work with you. All of us have to balance family, work, school and derby so we know it is possible. And you will see it is well worth the time commitment.



What to Expect

A typical practice begins with a warm up which usually consists of a few laps at your own pace and/or laps at pack pace. Then we get into kinetic stretching (while skating) and then a few sprint laps followed by a short period of static stretching where we may also discuss a few key points regarding league business. From here we go into various drills that focus on agility, endurance and basic skills such as crossovers, stops, falls, toe-stop runs, foot work and hits. Most of the time, the last 30-minutes is dedicated to scrimmaging. Participation requirements varies dependent on each skater’s skill level. We will work with you no matter what level skater you are and create personalized drills designed to focus on your weaknesses. There will be skaters of all skill levels skating together most times. Even the most experienced skater on the team has something they need to work on and drills will be created to focus on more advanced skills as well as basics, which everyone needs to revisit from time to time.


Cost and Equipment

Normal league dues, after you make the commitment to join the league, are $40 per month which go to pay our team’s rink fees, insurance premiums, travel expenses and other costs incurred by the team.  Members of MMRD are not required to get a WFTDA or USARS insurance policy since the league presently has a blanket policy for all skaters to cover in the event they get injured while on eight wheels. The league’s skating insurance policy covers major injuries that occur during while skating, we strongly encourage each skater to have their own primary care coverage as well. Some mashups and clinics will, however, require you to have a WFTDA or USARS policy to participate. Temporary policies can be purchased online in a matter of minutes.  All skaters are required to have the following equipment: quad skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet and a mouth guard. Additional items you may want to invest in are: duct tape, toe guards and socket wrench and/or a skate tool, just to name a few. Loaner skates and gear will be made available if necessary when getting started, however it is encouraged that you invest in your own gear as soon as possible. Fresh Meat packages are available at many skate shops, both online and in store, and range in price and quality. It is recommended that you to a store and try on various skate boots if possible, to make sure you are getting the most comfortable and accurate fit possible.  The team provides one shirt to all members who are subject to NSO duties, one striped shirt to member refs, black and white shirts for scrimmages and a regulation uniform to all rostered skaters. Any other league shirts are available for purchase from our merchandise.



Yeah, we know. Paperwork sounds so dull in comparison. But it is required before you can strap on your skates and participate in a practice. So, if you could please fill out each, sign and give them to the league, we would be eternally grateful.


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